Imizu City


Imizu City Outline

Location and Land Area

Imizu City is located approximately in the centre of Toyama Prefecture, which is a base for exchange on the Japan Sea, and lies between the two adjacent cities of Toyama and Takaoka. While the actual land radius is 7km, the area of the soil is 109.18 km² (internal habitable land area of 97.07 km², approx 89%) which is approximately 2.6% of the Prefectural soil area.



Imizu City Local Government Office Addresses

Office Name Office Address Phone Number
Kosugi Local Government Office 1511 Hibari Imizu City 0766-57-1300
Shinminato Local Government Office 2-10-30 Honmachi Imizu City 0766-82-1900
Daimon Local Government Office 1081 Futakuchi Imizu City 0766-52-7200
Oshima Local Government Office 703 Kojima Imizu City 0766-52-7900
Shimo Local Government Office 893 Kamo Chubu Imizu City 0766-59-8100
Nunome Local Government Office 1 Nunome Imizu City 0766-84-3000

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